Ralph Lauren FW14

Ralph Lauren saw our expectations bloom into surprises as they unveiled the chef d’oeuvre of their winter and fall 14 collection. Never has anything been this beautifully represented- at least during this season?

Connotations of winter  and neutral colours are combined with the warmth yet reserved feel of mauves and pastel pinks to make a remarkably elegant collection.

ARC0331.683x1024 ARC0381.683x1024  ARC0439.683x1024 ARC0393.683x1024 ARC0413.683x1024 (1) ARC0413.683x1024  ARC0657.683x1024 ARC0711.683x1024 ARC0745.683x1024 ARC0759.683x1024  ARC0789.683x1024 ARC0819.683x1024 ARC0827.683x1024 ARC0849.683x1024  ARC0861.683x1024 ARC0875.683x1024 ARC0471.683x1024 ARC0503.683x1024  ARC0537.683x1024 ARC0545.683x1024 ARC0595.683x1024 ARC0629.683x1024  ARC0575.683x1024aRalph-Lauren-Fall-2014

Images credits: google images

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