Troian for Flaunt

“I was a huge nerd. I had giant curly hair—like if I was a cartoon character, I probably would have a huge triangle drawn for my head. I was painfully awkward, and I was valedictorian but I was also voted funniest girl because I think I just ingratiated myself into every group by being funny.” says Troian Bellisario.

During an interview for Flaunt magazine, the 28 year old Pretty Little Liar actress reflects on her teenage years with revelations and a set of images nothing short of breathtaking; the perfect style inspiration for this season.

troian-bellisario-flaunt-2014-shoot03  troian-bellisario-flaunt-2014-shoot02  troian-bellisario-flaunt-2014-shoot01

images: Flaunt magazine

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