Trench coat/ Men

Times have changed since trench the 1901 when the trench coats were reserved to army officers.

Now a trench coat can be worn by anyone looking to add a zest of formality to an attire. Equally it can be thrown over a casual ensemble creating an overall sophisticated and easy going outfit. Either way they guarantee to make any outfit look great, especially in the fall.

Thanks to our age of style over everything, trench coats come in all shapes, forms and fabrics allowing you to choose from the subtle, classic style or the electric, daring look. The latter was particularly portrayed in Carven’s SS14.

Either way, it is fall. The best season to wear/ invest in one. Below are a few looks to help inspire you.

mushroom-les-freres-jo-men-style-trench-coat-e1366886329188 10330030_1719794_322 Mens-Leather-Trench-Coat 

trench-coats Trench-Coats-For-Men-1 jacketserm

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