Trench coat/ women

Since the early 1901, trench coats have been shifting its role. From being an item of army officers’ work attire to an item of fashion, they have sustained their place in the fashion industry.

Initially introduced to specific public members as a lighter and at times waterproof replacement for the Serge Greatcoat they gained they gained the name of ‘trench coat.’ After 1945, they gained popularity that designers use and continue to manipulate making them a must have fashion item, especially during fall. Picking a favorite is hard but we made a selection for the chic girls- boys’ version


CARVEN Swing Trench Coat, $1235 Emma+Stone+Emma+Stone+leaves+Ed+Sullivan+Theatre Ready to wear Fall Winter 2012 Carven Paris March 2012


hbz-trench-coats-alexa-chung-de-sm   Naomi-Campbell-fac_1727467a   Trench-Coats-For-Women


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