Teatum Jones SS15/ LFW

Starting off London Fashion was Catherine Teatum’s and Rob Jones’ clothing line Teatum Jones.

With the appearance of pale blue denims and soft pink the collection played a game between conservatism and exposition of the skin. This is particularly highlighted through the combination of crop tops and midi skirts.

Since being establihed in 2010, Teatum Jones has remained true to their signature look of “cryptic prints and luxe bespoke fabrics that are applied to modern silhouettes striking a balance between the masculine and the feminine.”  as well as their trademark  piece of “androgynous tailoring and luxuriously draped shirt-dresses.”

With a silhouette accentuated by the broad shoulder and row seamed edges, Teatum Jones SS15 is aiming at women who are free to exhibit their love of luxury while playing within the blurring lines of gender.

Photography supplied courtesy of London Fashion Week

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