Marios Schwab SS15/ LFW

Marios Schwab describes his trademark product as “a seductive little dress” and there was everything from that to trench coats (this is England, trench coats over umbrellas any-time.)

The Greco-Austrian designer created a collection that the press has baptised “Herculaneum.” It totes makes sense you guys, some of these dresses  bring to mind the world of ancient Greece, from their attires to their architecture.

But before we wrap this up let us once again give praise to the little details in the bigger picture that steal the all attention: the gold cuffs! Worn on the neck and arm they add a fine notion of elegance without disrupting the flow of the overall look.

With this collection, the designer paid homage to time and his roots with grace. One advice think twice before you let go of those 90s LBDs, you’ll need them next season, take Marios Schwab’s word for it.


Photography supplied courtesy of London Fashion Week

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