Mary Katrantzou SS15/ LFW

Pangea and the way things drift apart to create new things.

Mary Katrantzou looked at this historical event- more than 200 million years old- to begin putting together ideas that will form Mary Katrantzou SS15. Playing with forms, shapes and sheer the designer presented a collection with the right amount of chic, sweet and sexyness, on a runway that  resembled glistening lava.

The whole collection contains a variety of pieces that hinted a Parisian kind of chic though remaining true to the “hyperrealist aesthetic, bold graphics and industrial jeweller” style that the designer calls her signature style.

Are there any questions about her trademark piece? All Mary Katrantzou has to say is that it’s “a dress inspired by the filtered beauty in design, mapped around the female figure.”

Asked about her ideal client, Katrantzou replied “she has a liberated spirit and a strong sense of style.”

Photography supplied courtesy of London Fashion Week

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  1. I love your fashion post! Your blog rocks pretty hard as well. 🙂



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