Meadham Kirchhoff SS15/ LFW

London Fashion Week without the presence of the rebel culture? No fear Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff are here!

This fashion was as authentic as a fashion show can be because of the message or rather messages it tran. Alongside models cast on a variety of streets, the show was opened and closed by feminsit blogger Emma Arvida Bystrom.

With such powerful values and style over substance attitude we might question the duo’s signature style(s).  “We do not to have a signature but rather a handwriting. We like to tell stories in different ways” they told London Fashion Week.

Their ideal client however is a shamelessly “uncompromising, aware and individual.”   Trademark piece? Feminine designs that are considered and executed in an old fashioned manner.”

The mise-en-scene on the runway had everything from ribbons, bows to tampons tied hanging on trees. You had to look really close and then acknowledge that it kinda works.


Photography supplied courtesy of London Fashion Week

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