Fendi SS15/ MFW

“If designers and architects conceive their work as a poet might conceive his poems, there will be a sensuous and emotional factor” said Karl Lagerfeld as he presented a collection inspired by French film-maker, painter and  sculptor Fernand Leger.

An architectural muse meant Fernand Leger-esque prints on leather.Meanwhile the Fendi fur plus leather added an avant-garde zest to the collection.Remaining true to its Roman roots, the technicality used to create the pieces presented were beyond impressive.

From head to toe models including Joan, Cara, Georgia May, Jessica, and Kendall presented edgy glamour during the Fendi ss15 collection furthermore reinforcing what we should know by now about the Fendi woman: she makes bold choices and she knows exactly what she is doing. Karl Lagerfeld never fails us.

Photography supplied courtesy of Vogue

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