Balenciaga SS15/ PFW

The presentation of Balenciaga spring summer 15 by Alexander Wang emphasises how the designer has mastered the art of modernism in ways no one else can.

In a sports inspired collection, low key feminine pieces appeared in black, white, peach, nude and lilac colours.

Prioritizing simplicity and fussy-less chicness,  jumpsuits, short, skirt and cropped tops made of sheer, fishnets were put together in a manner that is geometrically genius. Aditionally the over coats and flats added an ease and unbothered look to the collection.

What can we retain about the Balenciaga woman? She knows how to seem revealing minus looking vulgar- it’s an art.

Parenthesis: Kimye made an appearance and North stole the show- that is all.

Photography supplied courtesy of Vogue

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  1. karawillow says:

    I loved their catwalk, so surreal. Great post! x


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