Lagerfeld Confidential/ Reportage

Everything we consume changes the way we see the world, therefore everything we consume becomes part of our cultural experience(s).

The most beautiful changes though, I would argue, are the ones we notice as they are happening. The experiences we go through and feel ourselves evolving while remaining in a moment of awe, admiration and self identification.

That’s how I felt when I watched uninterrupted moments representating Karl Lagerfeld. Karl is my hero. Whenever, I can reference or quote Karl, I do it. Shamelessly. So I’m sharing this with you in the hope that it inspires you. That his unapologetic brutal honesty, humour and chaotic sense of organisation give you a glimpse of all the beauty you can bring into this world, while remaining true to yourself and allowing yourself time to grow.


P.s. This one has no subs. I’m hating me too. But if you find with convenient subs- it’ll change your life. Xoxo

Special THANKS to ARTE! We love you ARTE!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Andoni says:

    Love your site/blog Gisele!! Guess who I am?
    Lots of love😘

    P.s. Thanks for the video, I needed to watch it.


    1. Gisele-Marie Manzi says:

      Aw, Andoni! ❤ You made my day! (#foreverfave )Thank you darling! This reportage is a fave of mine- so glad you liked it and proud you watched it in French too!
      Lots of love, Xoxo


  2. Cynthia says:

    Where has this been all my life?!


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