Louis Vuitton ss15

“I wasn’t looking for a big break from my last season, I want to define my cool girl,” Nicholas Ghesquière told Vogue, referring to Louis Vuitton ss15.

Indeed, every piece of the collection was completed with a pair of boots- black ones, brown ones, retro ones, bottines, knee high boots- they were all there.

Other than that, long sleeves, short dresses and lacy tights dominated the collection.

Besides the mixed reception, it is worth noticing that visually speaking the “cool girl” Nicholas Ghesquière is trying define and reinforce has taste and an extend choice as far as her vestimentary code goes.

With velour, prints on velour, leather, bold colours, stripes and the clerical collars (that I love so much), it is without a doubt that this collection is indeed a good collection. As in, it extends the wardrobe choices of the Louis Vuitton woman- am I repeating myself? Seriously though…


Photography supplied courtesy of Vogue

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