Suits for all/ Style Session

The best designers teach us a lot of things. One of them is that you can never go wrong with a black suit.

This trend began to spread in the 19th century when suits were given a touch of sobriety, in terms of colour. As timeless as this look has become, we will also look at ways to incorporate current trends made of prints, floral shapes and colours to ensure elegance while standing out for the modern suit wearer.

Image consultants everywhere will tell you that to look good in a classic suit- or anything- it’s important to be aware of your body shape. The next thing is to know of your ‘season’ which will in turn hint the colours that look best on you.

Lastly, experiment! Do you prefer structured or unstructured suits? Due to the way their padding and lining, structured suits are great for formal events. The latter, unstructured suit often made with lighter fabrics, allows you to look formal and cool while remaining perfect for a run from the office straight to the party.

While experimenting is encouraged, equilibrium is key- depending on the look you are going for, anything goes. Mastering the art of putting together an ensemble, however, suit included that looks on point is a talent of its own. Why not trying to wear your suit in or with bold colours, white shirts, t-shirts, shirts with embellishments, ties, no tie, unbuttoned shirt? Wear pieces of your suit separately? With denim, maybe? Add a pair of loafers or boots or trainers- the choice is yours, and it is endless.

We all know what a good suit looks like, so here are some shots of how the guys of this Sunday’s Style Tips wear theirs. Close ups for details.

image courtesy of google

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