The white dress/ Style Session

A white dress is everything. Classic, timeless and nondefinable by the seasons.

White as a colour has some of the purest connotations. Equally, it requires just as much attention in and outside the closet, so investing in good quality fabric is worth it. As we celebrate the obsolete conceptions which implied that wearing a white dress at someone else’s wedding was a form of “shade”, let’s look at a few ways white dresses can compliment your body.

First things first: knowing your skin tone and which shade of white compliments your skin. Usually specific physical traits such as hair/ eye colour, help define the season and colour palette that compliments most your body- knowing them simplifies everything.

Skin tones are divided into many categories; there are cool skin tones, bronze skin, ebony skin tones, warm skin tones, and olive skin tones. If it rains, or the fabric is a bit see through, they will save the day. If uncertain about yours there are charts online or image consultants ready to help.

The other – perhaps most important- thing is to find pieces of lingerie that are closest to your skin tone, when thinking about wearing a white attire. If it rains or the fabric is sheer-er than expected, lingerie will be ready to save the day.

Lastly, go out, experiment with styles and forms, without neglecting the beautiful shape of your body. Take your time finding the white dress that will last and remember to create the right balance for you in the make-up and accessory department.

Here is how our Sunday Style Tip girls decided to wear their white dresses.

images courtesy of google

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