AW skin care routine/ men

The weather is changing, in no time your skin will be showing less positive signs of those changes too. We have a list of five tips you can adapt to maintain a healthy skin during the cold season.

Before we start, it’s worth noting that everyone’s skin type is different. Between dry skin, oily or a combination of both, knowing yours means buying finding products that will be kinder to your skin.

I. Body

Following the cleansing regimen that works best for you, keeping your body hydrated during cold seasons makes tremendous changes- your skin will look and feel good. The science behind skin hydration shows that hydrating helps reinforce the skin’s protective barrier by keeping it stronger. Hydrating also protects from UV radiations, micro-organism and adds elasticity that will slow the ageing process. There is a range of products to choose from although pharmaceutical products with no fragrance are highly effective.


II. Exfoliation 

The face requires a lot more attention during cold months, and exfoliating is a good start. It helps get rid of dirt, dead skin cells while avoiding skin irritation. When done on a weekly basis, exfoliation can prevent ingrown hair making shaving a whole lot easier.

liz earle for men face scrub

III. Moisturising 

All day, every day. Similarly, to the way body moisturising works, moisturising your face is just as important. It helps reduce signs of ageing and prevent them. A small quantity is all you need, so investing in a rich face moisturiser, with a moderate SPF, is worth it.

clinique for men hydrating cream

IV. Eyes

Short days, long nights- we get it, but your eyes will be less forgiving and won’t hesitate to make you look older than you are. As all you need is a small amount of the cream, experiment and invest in eye product that will reduce dark circles, as well as puffiness around your eyes.


V. Lips

Dry lips are the easiest thing to prevent. Find a lip protector that works for you- with a good SPF- and apply it, regularly.

tom ford hydrating lip balm

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