La bohémienne / late style session

While talking about bohemians, in Listening for Lions, Gloria Whelan wrote:

“They were all brilliant. They wrote books and painted pictures, and if they ever stopped talking, which I was sure they would never do, they planned to change the world.”

In this style session, we’re looking at some elements that reinforce the boho style; Vanessa Paradis’ and Wynter Gordon’s cool, carefree dress code will fill our mood board with ideas on how to channel some of the various façades of the bohemian style.

First of all, the visual impact: from geometric to tribal prints, a variety of fabrics plus a well thought of layering are what gives a bohemian look the visually refined yet effortless look.

In a way this is a look created from contradictions in which simplistic and bold things come together to complement each other. For example, a simple tunic or colourful maxi dress can be paired up with a pair of jeans: unusual but it works.

Layering in whichever way works for you is highly encouraged for this style. Starting with a plain tank top which can be worn under a woollen jumper or cardigan you can add a leather jacket thus making an effortless yet thoughtful involvement from one layer to another. Likewise, a sheer shirt can be worn under a top or the other way around. The choice is yours! As the room for prescriptivism is quasi non-existent as far as this look is involved.

Likewise, in the shoe department,  boots are highly associated with the bohemian look but generally anything goes. In fact, things do not get more precise until the topic of accessories comes up.

 Accessories: Now we are talking. The bigger, the bolder, the original(est) the better:

Scarves: Long. Adjust thickness and fabric’s material according to seasons.

Hats: Start collecting now. Beanie, newsboy, beret, fedora, Panama, cloche, floppy straw, headbands? Find the style that compliments your face shape.

Jewellery: Subtle or bold? Why not both.

Belts: This part can be a fun way of expressing your flower power love! Don’t neglect it but don’t over think it either.

Make-up: For makeup ideas and tutorial, click here!

Conclusion: Comfort and beauty can share a space in your heart and your wardrobe. Kinda rad. P.s. Free People and House of Harlow 1960 do breath-taking things for this style. Now this is how this week’s style models represented hauntingly beautiful magic, enigma and elegance through their bohemian(esque) styles.


images: google


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