Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown/ Book Session

In Bobbi Brown’s words, this book is: “for everyone from beginner to pro.’

Published in 2008, this book offers lessons from makeup artist Bobbi Brown as she gives tips to  makeup lovers regardless of their knowledge, or lack of, in the beauty department.

While she aims to give the reader a thorough understanding and step by step guide, she also takes time to explain the meaning behind signs that your body sends you- without neglecting to explore certain scientific facts about the human body. All of these elements make this book an educational and visually stimulating media text. Images, fonts and colours are used to create easy to read segments while the content avoids jargon and alienation by having any potentially unfamiliar words or concepts explained.

In terms of representation, every skin type, age group and occasions are talked about- there are makeup tips for when you are pregnant too! Demographically there are charts that provide specific notes for people of any backgrounds, in order to help them enhance their natural beauty. This is  particularly great for aspiring makeup artists who are required to have an understanding of what works on different people.

Speaking of aspiring professionals, Brown also dedicates the second part of the book to artistry and many tips from self-promotion,  presentation to equipment are included. She uses her experiences to provide an outline of situations you can be in and how to prepare for them. These include makeup for photography, fashion shows and all the step by step guide on how to break into the business.

In this day and age almost anybody can be a makeup guru, as long as they have the skills, dedication, inspiration and of course, put themselves out there! That is the beauty of technological advancement. If you would like to know more about makeup application -written words to support youtube tutorials- or need advice for your next step in this career path, I highly recommend this book!

Personally growing up in a country where the majority of people wear little to no makeup, taught me to never spend, on average, more than 5 minutes applying makeup. As I get older, that time decreases: perhaps for many french people, makeup is most fun during the phase of adolescence? However, travels and a love for fashion play a big role into making me want to know more about makeup artistry and this book has helped me develop that skill: thank you Bobbi Brown!

Here are some visual texts I took from the book:


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