Rum + Coke: Celebration of all Women

‘You, woman, are enough.’ said Courtney Smith, whose clothing line, Rum + Coke, launched last year.

In this day and age, observations of this kind seem obvious. However, looking at the most predominant representations of women in the media, it can be argued that there is a “specific image” we are exposed to and subconsciously aspire to look like.

How can a new designer openly challenge the representations in the fashion industry? By asserting her moral ethics, of course: “I want women to be their most beautiful selves. There are so many negative messages: You’re not thin enough, you’re not young enough, you’re not light enough. These all basically tell women they are inadequate unless they change something about themselves or purchase this or that. I was inspired to create Rum + Coke to send a different message: You, woman, are enough. [Women] are beautiful in whatever package they come in.” Courtney Smith tells refinery 21.

Although there has been improvements over the past few years, Courtney Smith adds: “I feel many brands fall short of making quality plus pieces, or plus pieces at all, because of the stigma attached to weight. Some of these larger brands can do better but choose not to because they know there are a limited number of places that cater to this demographic.”

Historically speaking, the best designers were always taking risks by making choices that challenged the general opinion- remember Yves Saint Laurent’s decision to use coloured models?! Likewise, Courtney Smith’s movement will be taking the fashion industry forward a step further into acknowledging and celebrating women’s beauty.

images courtesy of rum + coke

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