David Armstrong’s 615 Jefferson Avenue/ Book session

A book that will teach you a thing or two about photography, cultural knowledge, and life lessons is David Armstrong’s 615 Jefferson Avenue.

With 120 portraits, selected by Armstrong to be put in the book published in 2011, a variety of men are captured in an intimate manner that blurs the distance between the readers and the subjects.

The book, dedicated to Boyd,  starts with two separate, contradicting and endearing recollections on the first time the pair met. From their words, the vividly described scenes become spinning images that will haunt any mind they are exposed to; you can even hear music… Beethoven or is it Schubert? Well, contradictions.

For a perfect ending, we have a conversation between Ryan McGingley and the photographer. In the few pages, David Armstrong explains his approach towards photography, his muses as well as brutally honest  observations on his life decisions. The themes he openly explores and the honesty he uses are inspiring and moving.

Reflecting back on the photographs, it’s as if the portraits are taken with a simplicity that attracts you into thinking you have mastered the art of taking portraits- inspiration is hidden behind every page.

Here are some photographs the late David Armstrong has taken.


images: Google, 10 magazine, 615 Jefferson Avenue

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