Christian Dior SS 15 COUTURE

Couture is often associated with feminine, grand gowns. Raf Simons however, had something else in mind, for the Christian Dior spring summer 2015 couture.

“Something wilder, more sexual and strange” are in fact the notions, Simons was aiming to convey. Although not a single soul on earth could have predicted what was to come, Raf Simons took everyone on a psychedelic-esque trip to a past, where colour, print and latex boots reigned.

His inspirations were drawn from a place where “the romance of the 50s, with the experimentation of the 60s and the liberation of the 70s” converged in one unique element, without failing to reference the fashion house’s historical and rather traditional pieces.

Christian Dior’s ss15 marries contradictions in its celebration of life, art and historical achievements.

ph source: Diary of a clotheshore

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