Cheap Monday AW 15/16

On a chaotic runway, Cheap Monday presented its AW15/16 collection.

While key items consisted of over-sized pieces and ripped skinny genes, the partied out looking models’ make-up helped create alarmingly disorientating yet intriguing looks.

A somber palette for this collection, occasionally allowed red, grey and otherwise pale washed out colours to disrupt the dark theme. The pieces presented were made of wool, fur, leather and velour while the footwear remained simple and discreet.

Make-up notes included, this collection has a lot to teach in terms of assembling outfits. An initial sense of shock slowly turned into a coup de coeur* for Cheap Monday.

*coup de coeur: French term used to express unexpended/ sudden fondness/ crush for something or someone.

ph source: diary of a clotheshorse

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  1. Rohma Malik says:

    How awesome was the show?!! I’m a Fashion Blogger from London. Would be awesome if you could check it out 🙂

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