Dior Homme | My story, Our Story| Video

Kris Van Assche was inspired by a letter written by Christian Dior, in the making of Dior Homme spring summer 2015 fashion film. The result is hauntingly beautiful. Max Esten, Dominik Sadoch, Katlin Aas and other models, utter recitations on the outcome of love and loss, in My Life, Our story. The film is by Pierre Debusschere…

Phetogo Louwfant | The rise of Her Queendom | Interview

       Between the 21st and 25th off March, South African fashion week took place and I caught up with model Phetogo Louwfant to talk fashion, muses and what we’re calling the rise of her Queendom. At 22 Phetogo Lesedi Louwfant is a model, stylist, self-taught make-up artist and upcoming designer, whose face we noticed a…

Vvvultures | I’ll cut You | Song of the day

When we say we’ll be our drunk friend’s security guards during a night out. The Creativity though! Also this band’s kindness, intelligence and humbleness is out of this world.

Vuvuvultures | Blast from the Past Interview

I was excited to see Harmony Boucher in the 13th  issue of Love magazine until I read the caption and found out her band, Vuvuvultures, had broken up.  While I attempt to recover, here’s an interview I did with them for Mark Thomas Taylor, awhile ago.   How would you define yourself as a group? Functionally…

Mansur Gavriel | SS15 | Bags

The reaction these bags have created is bigger than the one the brand Mansur Gavriel received last year, when they cast a number of sloths, parrots, kangaroos, lizards, (…), for the SS15 campaign. Bucket bags are classic pieces that Mansur Gavriel reinvented, once again. source:mansurgavriel.com