Vuvuvultures | Blast from the Past Interview

I was excited to see Harmony Boucher in the 13th  issue of Love magazine until I read the caption and found out her band, Vuvuvultures, had broken up.  While I attempt to recover, here’s an interview I did with them for Mark Thomas Taylor, awhile ago. 

  •  How would you define yourself as a group?

Functionally Insane.

A snake filled sack with four noise holes being electrocuted.

  •  In terms of your audiences, how would you describe your following?

Some people come up to us after shows and say we sound like nothing they’ve heard before. Our audience is looking for something sonically different, challenging, but still fun and digestible. They kind of seem like friends we haven’t met yet!

  •  Your new single ‘Stay Still’ is out now; the music video looks fascinating what was the inspiration behind it?

Director, friend and fellow Islander Joni Andreou came up with the idea. She’s a delightfully mad woman with loads of energy and bat shit crazy ideas.

  •  Do you play a major part in the writing exercise of your music?

Um yes…. We’re a band. We all play a part in the writing, it’s a very interactive collaborative fun-time experience!  Most of the songs start life off glitchy / noise ideas.

  •  Do you believe in the myth of the artist and the muse? If so would you say you have muse (s)?

Yes. We draw inspiration from a lot of different things. Not necessarily a beautiful girl, although we’re all a big fan of those.. We tend to be inspired by pushing ideas to their utter sometimes ridiculous limit. Reading good books… Advances in Science and the idea of outer space. The intersection of Sci-Fi Marijuana and Mexicans is probably our muse.

  •  What is it about London that appealed to you into becoming a London based group?

We live here, it seemed like a logical move. As soon as we can afford to build a super hub in a sunny place with all our friends and Islanders we are getting the fuck out of here! Although that said it’s an incredible city with so many inspiring people. We feel lucky to be here just for having the opportunity to meet and work with so many great talents.

  •  What can we expect from Vuvuvultures in the future?  

A cult, a tense stand-off with police, mass transcendence.


The main consolation is that they’re all great artists- can’t wait to see and hear what you do next. Bonne chance, guys! Xoxo

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