Indochine | College Boy | Letter + Song Of The Day

Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said: “What wisdom can you find greater than kindness.”

If you watched this video let us be reminded that we are surrounded by intelligent, powerful beings, apparently incapable of showing the most basic sign of wisdom, that is kindness.

Every theme explored in this clip is heartbreaking. In an honest brutality, Xavier Dolan, represents the cruelty of the human race and our ability to turn a blind eye to injustice both historically and currently.

The crucifixion reference is an intertextual reminder of how time fools us into thinking we’ve evolved as a species when, in fact, a passive attitude towards various acts of barbarity does not make us wiser than the neanderthal man ever was. Barbarism and cruelty know how to adapt thus assuring their continuity throughout history.  We are collectively taking the human race’s accomplishments backwards by doing nothing while other human beings fight for their basic right to live in a way they feel is true to who they are.

Let us begin this week by showing an awareness and standing up against the injustice going in the world, in our schools, homes and neighbourhoods. The “oh-no-but-what-can-you-do?!” attitude is no longer enough. It is time we challenged Rousseau’s idea that every man is born free and enchained his/her whole life by remembering and understanding that nobody should  feel ashamed, belittled, hurt, and eventually fight and/or die because their views or appearances challenge society’s ideas of the norm. Our ancestors have marched the surface of this planet long enough for us to still be fighting over the rights to be different.

Lastly, to any bully who express themselves in the name of god(s) or personal belief, when in fact they act out of fear and narcism: you are equal to everything on the surface of this planet. Your rights are the same as any other human beings’, regardless of your demographic or psychographic belonging.You are not a superior being. Humble yourself.

Happy Monday to you all, citizens of the world. Xoxo

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