Uplifting Benefits of Rosewater | Skincare

The benefits of rosewater are underrated. Since changing seasons suggest changing in skincare routine, let’s look at why rose water is a product to consider for the spring-summer season.

With its ability to revitalize, add a glow to normal skin, provide balance to oily skin while soothing those with a sensitive skin, this is an ideal product for people of all skin types. Here are rosewater’s additional effects:

  • Erase fatigue signs around your eyes: Putting rosewater on a cotton pad and gently placing them on your eyes, in the morning, will reduce even prevent puffiness, and dark circles around your eyes.
  • Skin softener: Besides a remarkable appearance of a softer, refreshed skin, rosewater will also generate a calm feeling thus helping you fight stress and anxiety.
  • Skin toner: With its anti-oxidants properties it will tighten pores, fight wrinkles and add a glow to your skin. Repeated application will leave you with a moisturized, hydrated and smooth skin.
  • Setting Spray: Following your make up application, a few sprays of rosewater help your make-up stay put.
  • Refresh your skin: during the day, after the gym or whenever your face feels a little irritated, try spraying some rosewater on your face to feel uplifted. Moreover, its healing properties can help heal acne, cuts and wounds.
  • Make-up remover: Gently massage your face by swiping a cotton pad containing rosewater drops. Alternatively you can combine rosewater and coconut oil on the cotton pad for a chemical-free and nourishing make up remover.
  • After shaving: to avoid skin irritation, rosewater will add a soothing effect, a glow on your legs.
  • Hair: Its anti-inflammatory properties help fight scalp inflammation and dandruff while its moisturizing and nourishing  properties facilitate hair recovery.
  • Add rose water to your bath: something to try if you are after a rose scented  relaxing experience that will help you fight stress while still nourishing your skin.

Safe for an everyday use, chemical free and with immediate results, Rosewater is a product I highly recommend.


ph source: Gisele-Marie Manzi, Google & Pinterest





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