The Power of Duality: The Importance of Tools and Mascara

Among the connotations the words “spring-summer” generate are: sun, sunscreen and a lighter makeup choice to some. This season why not practice the notion of less is more, by starting with the eyes? Combining a lash curler and mascara of your choice, wonders can be achieved as demonstrates British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

Although a lash curler might not be to everyone’s taste, makeup artist Bobbi Brown (Brown, 2008), suggests gently pressing your lashes with your fingers while your mascara is drying, to achieve similar lash curler free results. This leads us to our next point: choosing the right mascara.

Mascaras come with a variety of different formulas, each to their own purposes, but with the common aim to bring out your eyes.

For example, colored mascara is great for achieving a dramatic playful effect. Waterproof mascara is suitable for humid, wet or teary conditions while thickening mascara on its own adds a fuller appearance to your lashes. Lastly, we have lengthening mascara, a product whose purpose is to lengthen lashes without adding dramatic effects.


While accentuating the look of your eyes may hold a significant priority, from a glamorous point of view, it’s equally important to put a premium on thorough make-up removal. Our eyes are of a sensibility that can only stand the harmful effects of some products for so long. But no fear, below is a tutorial on how to remove makeup  and protect your skin, from makeup artist Elton Fernandes. For more information on natural makeup removal, click here.

ph source: google, Gisele-Marie Manzi

Video source: youtube

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