Perceptions of Eternal Youth: ‘The Age of Adaline’ Review

Can you picture what your life would be like if you were to experience immortality? In The Age of Adaline, director Lee Toland Krieger takes us on the adventure of Adaline’s life in her eternal youth.

Following a tragic accident, in which she is miraculously brought back to life, Adaline (Blake Lively) is gifted to live decades while maintaining the physical appearance of a 29-year-old. Her eternal youth drives her to lead an isolated life, as she fears anything the future holds: will she watch her loved ones die one after another, will someone discover her secret? Her path of solitude and detachment is challenged when she meets a charismatic philanthropist (Michiel Huisman.)

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Culturally, we are used to texts exploring the theme of “forever young”. From The Picture of Dorian Gray to anything vampire related, we know that undying youth is far from what we often imagine it would be, yet perhaps subconsciously, most of us yearn for it.

“In a world consumed with youth and vanity, there’s something very fresh and beautiful about a story focusing on the beauty of growing old.”  tells USA Today “I’d like to think you walk away from this thinking love conquers all, even immortality.”

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Among the constraints presented by Adaline’s agelessness, is the aging of her daughter, played by 81 year Ellen Burstyn. A juxtaposition of the norm is represented by these characters’ relationship, an aspect that Krieger had been anxious about prior to filming the movie.

“It was one of the elements of the film I was most nervous about,” Krieger says. “But you instantly believe them as mother and daughter. I know it sounds a bit crazy.”

Kreiger furthermore describes Lively as the perfect candidate for this role: “She sort of embodies a woman who is perfect physically, so in that regard, she’s a perfect fit. Also, for someone who is 27 years old, she’s wildly sophisticated and seems like an old soul.”

Blake Lively is joined on the silver screen by a remarkable cast that includes Harrison Ford and Michiel Huisman.

the age of adaline

The other beautiful aspect of the film is the costume’s styling, thanks to Blake Lively who consulted designer friends and worked closely with Angus Strathie, selecting 50 pieces from big fashion houses such as Dior and Gucci.

Head over to The Age Of Adaline Movie for more information on the film and release dates.

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