Now open: Urban Decay’s first regional store

Just in time for the summer makeup replenishment, Urban Decay’s first UK regional store has opened in Sheffield at Meadows shopping centre.


Design of the new store by Sheridan&Co. – British Land


Urban Decay, part of L’Oréal, has four stores in the UK. The newest one to open will also be offering most of the brand’s most recent product range, including the products developed during the brand’s collaboration with Gwen Stefani.


Meadow shopping centre, part of British Land, has undergone remarkable refurbishment and it is without a doubt with great pride that the new Urban decay regional store is presented, as Richard Crowther, Asset Manager for British Land, observed:

“Urban Decay is a prominent international brand and is a unique addition to our retail offer and we are delighted to have secured the brand’s first store outside London.  Their decision reinforces our status as the region’s leading retail destination and a location in which contemporary brands are eager to secure space.  This in turn creates a place where people prefer to shop, eat, and enjoy a full day out.”



ph source: urban decay/ google images


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