Goodbye 2016

Today is the last day of 2016.


You made it!

Now before I go and drink myself to a low level of intelligence, here’s an anecdote for you that I had time to write a few days ago and was still debating on whether or not to post. It explores in a simplified manner the importance of believing in yourself and attracting anything you want.

By january 1st 2016 I was telling a lie* 

(*lie..manifestation…lie… hold on.)

I was low key telling everyone that I was going to the London Business school in September, before I had even begun making any form of online application. I knew the LBS well, as in my dad had almost gone there and spoke highly of it, all the cool guys I had met had gone there and still I shamelessly told everyone I was to attend that school for a masters program without (wait for it) any formal academic knowledge of Business Studies.


But I think I can do Marketing so… WHY NOT.

Delusional, still.

This went on forever until I had the courage to give LBS a call (in April?). Literally, lie on lies on lies.

In no time the advisor got to know me and suggested I do Global Management (LOL) which I adhered to because being fearless in 2016 meant that much for me.

I updated my CV, wrote the essays they ask for, sent the application and prepared myself for the tedious interviews- which didn’t happen, because your girl got in, just like thus leading us to conclude that the lie was in fact a manifestation and not a lie nor a delusion since it lead to its initial purpose, but I digress, you decide.

Long story short though I also applied to another school whose program didn’t require me to live in china for a year ( read:  hardcore and intensely condensed in one year but still in England though.)

I got in. 

In fact, as I write this i am halfway through my academic year and who would’ve thought- well ok my parents probably but parents tend to think too highly of us so- does that count? Maybe it should maybe we should start seeing ourselves from the perspective of the people who idolise us the most. Whether it be our siblings, partners, parents, families, friends, etc, it doesn’t hurt every now and then to know that someone out there has got faith in us. And if that it isn’t enough.. pretend, within limits, until you attain your goal because nothing is stopping you. Regardless of the battles you still have to fight, lessons you still have to learn, people you still have to lose and gain, as long as you breathe, you still have an infinite ability to achieve great things and I hope you take time to remember that in 2017.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year  2017!



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