Olive Clothing Menswear: Laidback is the new Chic

While attempting to revise for my marketing test, starting in approx ~2 hours, a friend annoyingly looked around and pointed out that you can easily differentiate normal days from exam days based on how people are dressed. (Que?) This was followed by someone observing that he didn’t give a shit about how he looked on exam days- or ever, smh- while another one added that staple pieces make everything easier.

Before I could tease “So y r u in non-matching tracksuits Jerome?!” I realised that fashion fatigues strikes when we least expect it. In fact one day without pre-planning an outfit and  I look like nothing. It is a fact of life. My life. So anyway, long story short and for the sake of justifying my current procrastinating state of mind, here’s  a number of clothing items from Olive Clothing, aka the ultimate cool and geek chic factory, giving us uni friendly, office friendly attires that also arguably totally meet the requirements of a hipster party outwear, if there is still such a thing. I don’t know.

ph source: Olive Clothing

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