Olive Clothing Womeswear: Laidback is The New Chic

As a self declared pro-procrastinator, there is nothing I hate more than waking up to realise that I literally procrastinated so hard that I now have ~5 minutes to get dressed. No, okay, no there is 1 thing that I hate more than the “I have nothing 2 wear + y am i like this?!”  panic and that is watching Carrie continuously go back to Big knowing very well that shit won’t work out until, like, the last movie so y even lord?!

But back to my initial point and as a friend of mine rightful mentioned in the previous post having staple pieces helps. Having a visual concept also helps and Olive Clothing has both.

P.s. You have countless choices to make in this life, please don’t be a Carrie. Ever. Choose Charlotte or literally anyone else. Extras included. Or whatever, the choice is yours. But y’know…Now back to attempting to fit revisions, research for group work meetings, driving, traffic, social and family time in less than 24 hours, because it’s OK to fail whilst dressed tastefully.

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