Tom Ford: Fall 2017

I know what you’re thinking: **Coloured tights? Sign me up!**

Or if you’re anything like me, today, you’re more on the vibe of: just when I thought I was done with coloured tights, they’re just gonna bring them back?!  And to that we say- sorry I say (we? lol as if)-  you are not alone. Luckily, Tom Ford put together a precise, sharp and vibrant collection to help us elaborate our internal shopping list for the season ahead.

P.S. if fashion’s all about moving forward and the opposite (Lagerfeld, check the date yo self)- how come this theory is the hardest to put into practice? Are we so obsessed with remaining relevant at the expense of forgetting both our personalities and value of not only ourselves but also of the things we own? I mean I get it, instant gratification-> cheap labour-> affordable pieces-> growth of throw away culture-> etc. But actually wouldn’t be better to save and spend on things we truly love which are likely to be ethically sourced and be part of that feedback loop of positivity? Do good and look Good? Just a (lot) thought(s).




ph source: c r fashion book

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