Elenny FW18-19 | Tbilisi Fashion Week

Sometimes, more is more- more life, mo’ money (…and somewhere down the list) more fabric. As shown at the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, Elenny put together a collection full of a simple colour pallete yet memorable thanks to their adventurous choice of prints & textures of the materials used and of course a whole lot of fabric.

While working with specific colour schemes, Elenny maintained a sense of variance in the functionality of the garments by including full length palazzo trousers, gaucho trousers and mini + midi A line skirts, to cite a few. This collection also had a number of 2 pieces looks and at times challenged the notion of the predictable womenswear suit.

Today’s Notes on 3s focuses on 3 examples of options given to Elenny woman when it comes to suits.

In look 1 the print is what stood out to most for me. Like a fresh, soft and comforting cloud ready to wrap and comfort your body on gloomy days. Yet, the high waist -accentuated by the belt- in similar fabric nonetheless- adds flatering femine shape to the garment and brings an emphasis to the subtle pouf that the bottom of the skirt has. The bishop sleeves are also a win.

Similarly to look 1, look 2 does not lack in the print departement. Putting a spin on the traditional long blazer, the peaked lapel gives room to show a sneak peak of your favourite top (body part  or clothing??) all to be held back by the matching fabric belt where the crontrast between belt and jacket is emphasised by the round silver buckle of the belt.

Look 3 is my absolute favourite, especially if it happens to be filled with down. In fact, what better way to balance a down cropped jacket than to add a high waisted just below the knee skirt- and of the same fabric?!

During busy days, it’s a no brainer that nothing beats a good suit that can be worn together for its intended function or as seperates and overall Elenny gets A* for pushing the boudaries of our expections when it comes to suits.

ph source: fashion network

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