Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili FW18-19 | Tbilisi Fashion Week

The presence of total looks is what stood out the most to me in Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili FW18-19 colletion. Having said it delivered options upon options when it came to colours, fabrics and -my most favourite- what most tailors would classify as “sleeves that could use a little bit more pinning.” For the record, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili makes it work as seen here is our list of 3s.

Look 1 an almost total purple look with tea length skirt, giving plenty of room to pay attention to the red shoes. Among the elements I love about this look is the presence of equilibrium through the pairing of a high waisted, fitted tea length skirt and a short blazer. The ovesized, busy sleeves are a nod to the classic 80s.

Look 2 consists of the FW staple piece for the past x decades: a red coat. Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili’s reintroduces it to us as a garment with a poignant shade of red, built-up shoulder (a recurring theme in this collection), notched lapels and a gold buckle belt: a subtle ode to the 80s style. By pairing this garment with pastel pink heels, we are promptly reminded that this is a piece that can work for a total red look and perfect for colour blocking, up and/or down dressing.

Lastly, comes Look 3 which is a total tawny brown look. The jacket stands out the most thanks to the roll back-cuffs and big flap pocket, while its length and slightly fitted style suggest that it could also look great paired with a mini or micro, dress, skirts ond great worn over trousers. In this look, the long jacket is paired with a tea length brown leather fitted skirt and printed brown high heels.

Now, I’ll admit that when dealing with total look of pieces, especially those made with the exact same material, it can be hard to notice the little details that makes each and every single garment stand out. Having said that I love the process of discovery when playing with the materials’ and cuts’ strength: i.e. the way they flow, reflect the light, because sooner or later you are bound to notice how each concept and element complementeach other to create the overall piece that the designers had in mind.

ph source: fashion network

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