Ani Datukishvili FW18-19| Tbilisi Fashion Week

Ani Datukishvili FW18-19 is all about monochromatic looks as well as total black pieces that are playfully put together without use of many colours but various material to add levels of playfulness whilst remaining precise.

Here’s our notes on 3s

Look 1 reminds me of Pollock’s Autumn number and automatically I am here for it. The look is made of a two piece: a long blazer with notched lapels and an asymetric skirt. While I love the multi purpose notion of piece, what steals the show for me is the asymmetric printed skirts with flaunts on the hem. Worn together though there is still room to add a little pop of colour perhaps through accesories and makeup but in this presentation, the outfit is completed with black heels and a black beret.

Look 2 is made of a strapless bustier top adorned with pitch black feathers styled with a pair of black palazzo trousers and gloves for accessories. Beautiful when worn as a unit, comes with countless ways to be worn individually.

Look 3 is a strapless word collar little black dress . With a variation of peasant long sleeves, asymetrical with flaunts on the hemline, this look is completed with boots that a have a flaunt details across them.

My conclusion is that Ani Datukishvili’s FW18-19 collection continues to take my expecations and crash them into multi surprises. The level of precision and playfullness whilst remaining in singular or dual colour schemes is phenomenal.

ph source: fashion network

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