Anouki FW18-19 | Tbilisi Fashion Week

Wanna go all out all day, everyday? Really? Well, look no further, Anouki got you covered.

In what seems to be my most favourtie collection so far from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, there is everything (material wise) from sequins, silks, wools, cottons, velvets and a choice between a waterproof transparent rain coats or jackets.

A wide selection also delivered as well through the use of colours. While beiges and taupes have become classics during all seasons- and as seen in Anouki’s checkered suits- Anouki also used animal prints, cherry, berry and chilli shade of red and lapis lazouli. The latter is present in sequins garments- which make for a hauntigly beautiful pieces.

Here’s my take in the Notes on 3s.

Look 1 is a classic one long shoulder sleeve dress of a midi length. The silk dress of a coffee brown colour (taking suggestions for a better shade name) is paired with a caramel knee-length high heeled pair of boots, therefore creating a total brown look.

Look 2 is made of a long sleeved classic flowy red velvet dress, with accordion pleats completed with the cutest heels and a transparent waterproof jacket. This is an idea I welcome for the mere fact that it is border line mission impossible to find a rain coat or jacket that does not require one to compromise on the entire look of the outfit. It is feasible, but hard. Anouki gave us a solution, one that comes with rain jacket you can updress, by the way.

Look 3 is the embodiment of how I aspire to live my life: classic, sublte with a lot of bling(s). A fitted, below the knee length, black dress, with a side slit, long sleeves and turtle neck are the classic and subtle elements of the dress. But add jewels on the neckline and the cuffs and you have a garment that combines the seasonal trend and classic look all in one.

Going back to my initial point, this might be my favourite collection yet, only because from a personal level it is made of garments that are way outside my comfort zone but seeing them gives me ideas on how they can be incorporated in my special occasion wardrobe- I mean, I work in a corporate environment, let’s keep it real.


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