Liya FW18-19 | Tbilisi Fashion Week

Co-ordination craze is a normal thing for some people especially if they have a French cultural background (like, I get it). While every now and then we see trends that challenge this notion, Liya’s FW18-19 collection embraces the art of taking time to pay attention to details and colour schemes, time to create a flow while remaining bold and elegant. For the FW18-19, there is an unexpected way garments are put together. While the winter staples like oversized scarves, turtle necks and wool garment remain, it is through the combination of tan, camel, mauve, auburn and olive green hues that Liya surprises us with looks that are nothing short of outstanding.

In this day and age of “seen-it-all & hear-it-all” looking at new content is often an opportunity to see how designers will re-introduce the public to something they have have probably seen before. Looking at Liya’s FW18-19 for example, it is a fact that we know to expect hues of mauve, auburn and burgundy during fall and winter. However, nothing could have prepared or reminded us better of the endless ways to tell a story using the art of dressing. More in the Notes of 3s:

Look 1 is constitued of a camel coat with a side cape, belted cuffs and a belt above the hip line to accentuate the waist, worn with mid calf length pair of narrow trousers- perfect to leave room for the burgundy chunckie leather boots. The combined presence of the orange tassel drop earings and orange bucket bag are used not only as a contrast that breaks the tan total look down a little but also fits in by creating a flow of its own and creating a continuity in which the whole outfit leaves enough limelight for the footwear that are of a completely different colour background.

Look 2 is made of a sage-green coloured silk shirt over a pair of military green straight trousers with olive green pointy bottinnes- now who would have ever thought of completing this look with an aubergine coloured double breasted blazer?! Liya, that’s who.

Look 3 on the other hand has a boat neck silk blouse with long sleeves and a long matching belt on the hipline which is worn on top of a long camel skirt with 3D wollen pom-poms. The look is finished with a bag matching the blouse and shoes therefore allowing the long skirt to brighten up and nuance the look a little.

For the most part, I feel as though this collection is an ode to all the souls who hop from (online) store to (online) store trying to find the handbag to match that perfect blouse we just got, the souls that are obsessed with precision and co-ordination. We see you and have no fear, Liya got you.

ph source: fashion network



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