Eloshi FW18-19 | Tbilisi Fashion Week

For their FW18-19, Eloshi stuck to their mission of continuing to offer “stylish, eye-catching clothes to the consumers who demand high quality clothing.”

 In this colletion, expect to see spaguetti straps, low v necks, turtle necks and an abundance of colours from aegean blue, slate blue lilac hues, periwinkle pinks, silver, greys, nudes, golds and of course the all time season favourite: beige. Thanks to a variety of garments the Eloshi woman is nothing short of breathtaking whether she is channelling a masculine inspired look or a gliterry  little dress- more in the Notes of 3s.

Look 1 is a flowy oversized shear birght periwinkle pink tulle dress adorned with ruffles and details for days. What I liked first about this dress was the ways in which the fabrics and cuts are combined on this garment to make it a playful, sexy but still conservative to an extent. For instance, we can look at the V neck, the long sheer skirt, layered on top of the mini opaque one the placement of the ruffles and the beautiful sleeves. To top it off, the look was completed with a simple pair of white sneakers- balance and equilibrium, well done.

From one pink to another, Look 2 is just a gem among others. In a total look of pewinkle pink, the mini dress has a turtleneck and long sleeves. The belt and chunky peal detail on the hipline adds dimension to the garment but overall the flowy aspect of the garment’s material allows the dress to playfully catch the light and reflect it back in the most fun and elegant way.

Changing gears a little to talk about Look 3, it would be a crime to start by anything other than the aegean blue shade of the jacket and the chunky pearl detail. This is a staple (but not bland)  piece that can worn at all times regardless of the season, occasion.

I loved this collection! As someone who is introverted, conservative a little and not too big on colours,  I always look to find ways to draw inspiration from masters all around the world- here are more images from the collection.

ph source: fashion network

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