Valentino FW18 |Haute Couture

A moment of silence for the wholesome lavish fest that was Valentino’s FW18 Haute Couture collection, that is here to break all conventional fashion dos and don’ts of the winter season all while establishing that now, more than ever: more is more.

In a collection composed of vivid, and opulent colours, there is a play with shapes, fabrics and colours to create looks that put a premium on confort without compromising on the variety and timelessness of every single garment. From silk, satin, floral prints, jacquard and embroideries some dresses were layered, tiered and/or gathered but most importantly looks were created with a narative that pays homage to the modern Valentino woman, bold and confident, in all her glory.


Look 1 and 2 are both showcased ways to make a classic outfit go from 0 to 100 real, real, quick. Ready to take a monochrome look from classic and simple? How about that cerrulean maxi dress? Nothing a bold shall and/or cape can’t solve.

Look 3 on the other hand needs no help from any wadrope staples, to be seen, heard and felt. In a beautiful dark goldenrod colour, this satin bardot off the shoulder dress is a garment with an eternal it factor. For more of hauntingly beautiful collection, see below.


ph: fashion network

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