Chanel Spring-Summer 2019 Paris

Few words of connotations come to mind when you think of Chanel: Little black dress, the tweed garments and of course immaculately designed garments often put together to create a total look. For the SS19, Chanel did that, with an added bonus of the most time defining trends of our times right now, that we are calling in this post “luxury cool.” Overall outcome: a total bliss and endless pool of inspiration.

In this section we are going to look at 4 significant trends that we noticed from the collection: LBDs, Total looks, tweed looks, luxury cool.


It would be really inappropriate of me to go on a rampage about how one woman’s  daring idea to normalise a garment that was so overlooked has gone to become not only a staple but a symbol of ultra femininity (I will save that for instagram captions) but here is the multifaceted & all purpose iconic garment again as presented in the SS19. While there was a variety to choose from in this collection, these 3 are particularly eye catching because of the specific use of fabrics and cuts that give an otherwise traditional little black dress a modern yet timeless effect. For starters, all 3 dresses play with geometry to not only grasp the viewers’ attention but to also expand the functionality of the dresses. The first dress for instance has a scoop neckline and short sleeves but the specific placement of the opaque and sheer fabric gives an illusion of a square neckline. Similarly, the mini (borderline micro) length dress has black sheer ruffles on the hemline making the dress playfully seductive but can now be worn for even more occasions. In a way the same idea of pushing boundaries were used in the second dress which at first looks like a strapless garment with triangle shapes however the use of the sheer crew neck and flounce sheer fabric on the hemline added notions of conservatism while still remaining daring. Lastly, the last dress is just everything: the contrast of the top and bottom and the deep V neck as an opportunity to show off your jewelries? What is not to love?

Total look

While a lot of designers have been paying homage to the total looks, Chanel SS19 is showing ways total looks can be used and worn for different occasions, in a variety of styles that reflect our moods. In the first picture we have the bold and colourful total look that is composed of a micro length skirt, long sleeve top and matching scarf, because, why do things halfway? The second look is what we are calling the lemonade for obvious reasons (read: Beyonce). This look in itself is the perfect how to guide for creating a total look of a specific colour. If you pay close attention you will see that the asymmetrical skirt is of a lemon yellow, the blouse of a daffodil shade and the shoulder padded jacket more of a pineapple shade: all highlighting the importance of creating nuance and adding balance to an outfit. The last look is a favourite on so many levels because it represents a look that sounds outdated on paper but works so well once you see it: lace on lace? A maxi lace dress over a pair of straight trousers? All in stale blue? Non…but Oui. Okay, we’re sold. The perfect holiday outfit. I also noticed how beautiful the nuance is where the dress and trousers’ fabric overlap: total look done well without being overwhelming.


Karl once said that fashion is about is about two things, moving forward and the opposite and I mean, is this a reinforcement of that statement or nah?! Firstly looking at the first look, the idea of wearing a lace dress under your tweed suit sound like one those ideas your cool aunty Josephine would rock, yes why not. However, this has managed to crash every bit of our expectations and left countless look inspos to try: for example what other lace and tweed combo can you try? For this look alone I am already picturing the lace dress in a cream or orange/coral shade to carry on the lines of continuity already present in the tweed suit, etc. The second look is a favourite because of the perfect three quarter length jacket, and the perfect A line micro length skirt completed with the chapeau-de-paille and plenty of room to showcase your jewelries. Speaking of accessories, what better look to show how to elevate or downplay an outfit using accessories than look 3? The beauty of tweed is that it comes with the freedom for you to experiment with all the given colour palettes (read: foundation) it has already laid out for you. While this look is soft and peachy like a beautiful summer day, it can also be toned down to a calm and cozy mood by replacing the belt and bag with a soft stone blue. The choice is yours.

Luxury Cool:

Luxury cool is one of my favourite themes because it contains all the looks that have at least one element that is so far off my comfort zone, starting with the lace pants. Who else here would have never even given into the idea of ever wearing them, but is now creating mood boards around them? (I’m with you!!) The next look is made of one shoulder monochrome top body/bathing suit , worn with ankle length straight jeans, a CHANEL belt and a  chapeau-de-paille and I am honestly not sure how (or how not to) but I love it (take it from someone who doesn’t own a pair of jeans). The last one is a reminder that you can hit yoga, run errands and still look fab AF all you gotta do is add a tweed oversized jacket to the look and add a matching baguette bag because you are worth it. Simples.

To end this, I would like to highlight that this has been one of the most inspiring collections to look at in depth for a very long time and this writer is not even waiting for winter to try some of these looks, if we are being completely honest. Here is more of the collection below:


ph source: fashion network

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