Anouki | FW18-19

Wanna go all out all day, everyday? Really? Well, ook no further, Anouki got you covered.

In what seems to be my most favourtie collection so far from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, there is everything (material wise) from sequins, silks, wools, cottons, velvets and a choice between a waterproof transparent rain coats or jackets.

A wide selection also delivered as well through the use of colours. While beiges and taupes have become classics during all seasons- and as seen in Anouki’s checkered suits- Anouki also used animal prints, cherry, berry and chilli shade of red and lapis lazouli. The latter is present in sequins garments- which make for a hauntigly beautiful pieces.

Here’s my take in the Notes on 3s.

Look 1 is a classic one long shoulder sleeve dress of a midi length. The silk dress of a coffee brown colour (taking suggestions for a better shade name) is paired with a caramel knee-length high heeled pair of boots, therefore creating a total brown look.

Look 2 is made of a long sleeved classic flowy red velvet dress, with accordion pleats completed with the cutest heels and a transparent waterproof jacket. This is an idea I welcome for the mere fact that it is border line mission impossible to find a rain coat or jacket that does not require one to compromise on the entire look of the outfit. It is feasible, but hard. Anouki gave us a solution, one that comes with rain jacket you can updress, by the way.

Look 3 is the embodiment of how I aspire to live my life: classic, sublte with a lot of bling(s). A fitted, below the knee length, black dress, with a side slit, long sleeves and turtle neck are the classic and subtle elements of the dress. But add jewels on the neckline and the cuffs and you have a garment that combines the seasonal trend and classic look all in one.

Going back to my initial point, this might be my favourite collection yet, only because from a personal level it is made of garments that are way outside my comfort zone but seeing them gives me ideas on how they can be incorporated in my special occasion wardrobe- I mean, I work in a corporate environment, let’s keep it real.


Ani Datukishvili | FW18-19

Ani Datukishvili FW18-19 is all about monochromatic looks as well as total black pieces that are playfully put together without use of many colours but various material to add levels of playfulness whilst remaining precise.

Here’s our notes on 3s

Look 1 reminds me of Pollock’s Autumn number and automatically I am here for it. The look is made of a two piece: a long blazer with notched lapels and an asymetric skirt. While I love the multi purpose notion of piece, what steals the show for me is the asymmetric printed skirts with flaunts on the hem. Worn together though there is still room to add a little pop of colour perhaps through accesories and makeup but in this presentation, the outfit is completed with black heels and a black beret.

Look 2 is made of a strapless bustier top adorned with pitch black feathers styled with a pair of black palazzo trousers and gloves for accessories. Beautiful when worn as a unit, comes with countless ways to be worn individually.

Look 3 is a strapless word collar little black dress . With a variation of peasant long sleeves, asymetrical with flaunts on the hemline, this look is completed with boots that a have a flaunt details across them.

My conclusion is that Ani Datukishvili’s FW18-19 collection continues to take my expecations and crash them into multi surprises. The level of precision and playfullness whilst remaining in singular or dual colour schemes is phenomenal.

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Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili | FW18-19

The presence of total looks is what stood out the most to me in Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili FW18-19 colletion. Having said it delivered options upon options when it came to colours, fabrics and -my most favourite- what most tailors would classify as “sleeves that could use a little bit more pinning.” For the record, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili makes it work as seen here is our list of 3s.

Look 1 an almost total purple look with tea length skirt, giving plenty of room to pay attention to the red shoes. Among the elements I love about this look is the presence of equilibrium through the pairing of a high waisted, fitted tea length skirt and a short blazer. The ovesized, busy sleeves are a nod to the classic 80s.

Look 2 consists of the FW staple piece for the past x decades: a red coat. Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili’s reintroduces it to us as a garment with a poignant shade of red, built-up shoulder (a recurring theme in this collection), notched lapels and a gold buckle belt: a subtle ode to the 80s style. By pairing this garment with pastel pink heels, we are promptly reminded that this is a piece that can work for a total red look and perfect for colour blocking, up and/or down dressing.

Lastly, comes Look 3 which is a total tawny brown look. The jacket stands out the most thanks to the roll back-cuffs and big flap pocket, while its length and slightly fitted style suggest that it could also look great paired with a mini or micro, dress, skirts ond great worn over trousers. In this look, the long jacket is paired with a tea length brown leather fitted skirt and printed brown high heels.

Now, I’ll admit that when dealing with total look of pieces, especially those made with the exact same material, it can be hard to notice the little details that makes each and every single garment stand out. Having said that I love the process of discovery when playing with the materials’ and cuts’ strength: i.e. the way they flow, reflect the light, because sooner or later you are bound to notice how each concept and element complementeach other to create the overall piece that the designers had in mind.

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Elenny | FW18-19

Sometimes, more is more- more life, mo’ money (…and somewhere down the list) more fabric. As shown at the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, Elenny put together a collection full of a simple colour pallete yet memorable thanks to their adventurous choice of prints & textures of the materials used and of course a whole lot of fabric.

While working with specific colour schemes, Elenny maintained a sense of variance in the functionality of the garments by including full length palazzo trousers, gaucho trousers and mini + midi A line skirts, to cite a few. This collection also had a number of 2 pieces looks and at times challenged the notion of the predictable womenswear suit.

Today’s Notes on 3s focuses on 3 examples of options given to Elenny woman when it comes to suits.

In look 1 the print is what stood out to most for me. Like a fresh, soft and comforting cloud ready to wrap and comfort your body on gloomy days. Yet, the high waist -accentuated by the belt- in similar fabric nonetheless- adds flatering femine shape to the garment and brings an emphasis to the subtle pouf that the bottom of the skirt has. The bishop sleeves are also a win.

Similarly to look 1, look 2 does not lack in the print departement. Putting a spin on the traditional long blazer, the peaked lapel gives room to show a sneak peak of your favourite top (body part  or clothing??) all to be held back by the matching fabric belt where the crontrast between belt and jacket is emphasised by the round silver buckle of the belt.

Look 3 is my absolute favourite, especially if it happens to be filled with down. In fact, what better way to balance a down cropped jacket than to add a high waisted just below the knee skirt- and of the same fabric?!

During busy days, it’s a no brainer that nothing beats a good suit that can be worn together for its intended function or as seperates and overall Elenny gets A* for pushing the boudaries of our expections when it comes to suits.

ph source: fashion network

Djaba Diassamidze | FW18-19

To obtain a seat at the table, Djaba Diassamidze has one request and one request only: be dressed to kill but tastefully.


In the FW18 collection, showcased at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, Djaba Diassamidze gave us the fantasy of womenswear that build the bridges between the multi-faceted aspects of our personalities but also a reminder that making a political statement towards gender equality in 2018 can be done subtly, with elegance and have as much of an impact anytime and anywhere (read: freethenip!)


The collection that was predominantly sombre, maintained a vibrant air by combining a variety of colours that ranged from black, gold, along with shades of white, ochre and cream.

The strategic use of fabric, particularly on monochrome garments, reinforced the statemements of each garment.  Having said that, although DjabaDiassamidze’s FW18 collection uses velvet, leather, sequins, silk, 3D stitchings- and who could forget the leopard printed coat?!- in my opninion it is the ways in which the monochrome looks are put together with such attentiveness and precision that stands out the most for me. This is a recurring theme throughout the collection but below are my notes on 3s:


I could bable for eternity about how much I love these looks. To start off the overall monochrome look is phenomenal. Between the full length, pearly white wide trousers in look 1, the black on black + bling gold hipline belt & sharpness of the telescope hat in look 2,  and last but not least the contrast of everything that makes look 3, from the silky hemlines to the bolero jacket’s sequins’ lapel, this collection is full of muses and a sources of inspiration that will stand the test of time.


ph source: fashion network

Phoebe Philo Left Céline

After monthhs of speculation, Phoebe Philo left Céline after10 years.

While the Céline AW18 of the brand being shown in Paris will be her last, the confirmation of her next career move is yet to be confirmed. Having said that, Hedi Slimane has been appointed as the new Artisitic andcreative director of Céline.

In the meantime the chief of LVMH Bernard Arnault describes Philo’s artistic influence at the LVMH owned brand as ” a key chapter to the history of Celine.” This is a statement  shared by many who have followed her journey and artistic input towards creating phenomenal trends for the French fashion  house which had previously been under the artistic influence of Michael Kors and Roberto Menichetti.

Having worked for Chloé, following the departure of Stella mcCartney, it is without a doubt that her future is promising and we cannot wait what she has in store for the fashion industry.



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David Koma | Spring Summer 18 | LFW

Something for the chic minimalist with an obsession for geometry.

Less is more. But play your cards wrong and “less” denotates: zero efforts. Nada. Pure Negligence.  Unless… you consider playing with shapes, curves and cuts. The idea of embracing one’s body shape, revealing certain body parts in a manner that is playfull whilst still exuding elegance is something David Koma incorporated really well in the SS18.

The Outstanding IIIs:

Conductive thread: From a distance the black strap looks like a thread of continuity with a story to tell. For the love of complimenting women’s figures, this is an understated, elegant and contemporary garment.

One for the Tom boys : the red Vermillion high waisted palazzo track suit gets a YES from me. You can literally single handledly contribute towards pushing the boundaries of what soceity deems as “elegant” in this garment.

Functional but Fun: Garments that make a statement, garments that can be dressed down and worn in different situations: an ode to the modern woman who no longer looks to fit within the lines of others’ expectations.







David Koma 1































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