Efflorescence of Change | Photojournalism

Adapting this idea that ‘optimism is a self amplifying feedback loop” (J. Silva, 2012), this time last summer I sat in a cafe contemplating all kinds of changes. From successful plan As to rock bottom plans Es we are reminded the importance of leaving all sense of vanity behind, expanding our cultural experiences and trying to…

Marion Cotillard for Lady Dior

Peter Lindbergh shot a new campaign for Dior, in which French Actress Marion Cotillard is the face of Lady Dior once again. Crazy about how her outfits complement the Californian desert while adding a metallic theme to the shots. ph source: google

Maria Borges | Rory Payne | Mixt(e) Magazine SS15

Folkloric vintage of the 70s is represented in all its glory by Maria Borges, shot by Rory Payne. Till summer gets back to us, we shall be lounging in this dress code. Model: Maria Borges Photographer: Rory Payne Fashion Editor: Joanna Schlenzha Ph source: Google

Liu Wen | Silent Beauty | Boo George

Today we reflect back on the Liu Wen’s photographs when she was shot by Boo George for Vogue China April 2015.  Photographer: Boo George Fashion Editor: Beat Bolliger Hair: Tomo Jidai Makeup: Mark Carrasquillo ph source: vogue china

Lupita Nyong’o| Harper’s Bazaar | Magazine Cover

Like many other media texts, a magazine’s aim is to help us make sense and naviguate between the dualities of our lives. They help us keep up with the world, trends, current affairs.We evade the reality briefly to come back to it enriched with knowledge and inspired by beauty. Once again, Harper’s Bazaar did great….

Malaika Firth | by Jean-Baptiste Mondino | Elle France

Magic happens when your favourite photographer,  Jean-Baptiste Mondino, shoots one of the most beautiful faces, Malaika Firth, for a national magazine paper, Elle France and all of that in time for a spring summer style inspiration. Fashion Editor Tamara Taichman; Hair Paolo Ferreira; Makeup Marie Duhart.

Mixed Message| Ajak Deng by Julia noni |Neiman Marcus

Anne Frank wrote: “think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”  Seeing women of colour celebrated in all their beauty is a thing of wonder. A sign of how far we, as a society, have come. I see a lot of beauty in the rejection of ideas suggesting that beauty can…

David Armstrong’s 615 Jefferson Avenue/ Book session

A book that will teach you a thing or two about photography, cultural knowledge, and life lessons is David Armstrong’s 615 Jefferson Avenue. With 120 portraits, selected by Armstrong to be put in the book published in 2011, a variety of men are captured in an intimate manner that blurs the distance between the readers…

Trench coat/ women

Since the early 1901, trench coats have been shifting its role. From being an item of army officers’ work attire to an item of fashion, they have sustained their place in the fashion industry. Initially introduced to specific public members as a lighter and at times waterproof replacement for the Serge Greatcoat they gained they gained the name…

PUSS PUSS Magazine

‘PUSS PUSS’ magazine launched and cat crazy people everywhere just got even cooler. Described as: “a new stylish publication for culture-, fashion-, music- and catlovers” ‘PUSS PUSS’ (I know- can u even?!) is the name of one of the latest magazines to launch. Before you begin to form wild opinions about this magazine, its producers want to assure…