Simone Rocha SS15/ LFW

Dressing what Simone Rocha calls “a woman who wants to wear beautiful things” can be predictable. Rocha knows just how to shake things up.

The Simone Rocha ss15 started out with dark, gloomy yet intriguing pieces. The faux fur around the perimeter of the dresses, also visible underneath the flat shoes, created haunting illusions. When we thought we were used to the sombre theme different colours and patterns appeared. Then, different shapes, forms and fabrics.

What started out as dark, reserved and fairly conservative was followed by sheer, see through revealing pieces.

Here’s a fair reminder that Simone Rocha’s trademark piece is “the floating perspex brogue.” After all the Simone Rocha woman is “modern and strong yet romantic.” Is there anything she can’t handle?

Photography supplied courtesy of London Fashion Week

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