Beatific Power of Black and Gold from 3 Kat Maconie shoes

Add the right amount of gold, to any amount of black and something beautiful, will emerge. This personal belief is evidently reinforced by three pieces, from London based designer Kat Maconie, who assembled these two colours beautifully to create three things of a celestial beauty, in all its subtlety.


  • Amelia

Starting with a pair of court shoes, we have Amelia. Kat Maconie’s Amelia is composed of an ankle strap, with a gold pin buckle, a leather upper and pointed toe. The touch of gold on the block heel accentuates the design of the shoe, making it a pair that transitions from formal to casual.

  • Bertie

Next up is Bertie, Kat Maconie’s pair of flat-soled sandals. It is made with a leather upper and a gold metallic cut-out detail. This pair is suitable for a tasteful low-key statement.

  • ESME

Kat Maconie’s Esme is a gold embellished pair of loafers made with a leather upper, pointed toe and patent weaved detail to the vamp.




ph source: kat maconie all sole

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